Online facilitation Services – Strategy Training ONLINE CRISIS SERVICES

Taylor Mason recognises that this is a critical time for all businesses.

You will be thinking about the following:

  • How is your strategy going to be affected?
  • How your people are going to be impacted on?
  • How will we manage their stress and well-being?
  • What short, medium, or long-term changes you need to adopt and how to manage those changes?
  • What type of leadership style do you and your management team need to implement during these uncertain times?
  • How will I maintain my supply chain?
  • How will I keep my customers?
  • How will I keep my business afloat?

We understand that all the above points, as well as numerous other business critical considerations are running through senior management teams’ minds.

Emotions will be running high and everybody will have their own view about how to move things forward. However, when you are close to your business, your emotions (and those of the rest of your senior team) can blind you to making the right decisions.

Taylor Mason can support you with all the points above and more whilst helping to facilitate the correct solutions for your business. By working with you to take some of the emotion out of the decision-making processes and keep you focused on the ‘moment in time’ reality and facts. Our ultimate aim will be to keep you trading whilst helping you to manage your workforce and customer base.

We have a team of experienced business consultants who have all been through many crisis’s over the years, most currently work as Non-Execs, and each most importantly have held senior roles in SMEs through to FTSE 100 companies.

We are offering online facilitation sessions with you and your senior teams or as an individual business owner (SMEs) to initially work through your immediate problems, to anchor the situation, and then to start looking at the future in the medium and long-term.

To keep your costs down, we are reducing our consultancy rates from £975 to £799 per hour and our consultants will do everything they can to support you in the shortest possible time.

To find out more please contact us: 0843 2891713 or email

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