Our Strategy Focused Programmes

Strategy Training have developed four distinct strategic ‘Journey’ solutions for businesses, each designed to overcome the key challenges faced when delivering organisational blueprints. By utilising our many years of experience, coupled with feedback from CEOs across multiple markets, it is recognised time and time again that having a well-defined strategy is just not enough as results continuously show, with around 90% of plans failing to deliver on spec!

Even if a strategy has been well designed and is fully fit for purpose, without the right implementation and maintenance, the efforts utilised in developing the plan can be severely diminished.

strategic Planning and Implementation Overview

Programmes 1 to 3: Developing, implementing and maintaining your strategy

The first three programmes have been designed therefore to maximise your chances of success in each of the planning, execution and maintenance stages, which together make up the complete strategic journey, ensuring an end-to-end focus in delivering your objectives.

Some of the key content drivers of these programmes are:

  • Thorough research of all aspects of your business (both internal and external)
  • Development of initiatives to deliver the strategy
  • Project planning and risk analysis
  • Developing a cohesive approach from the senior management team
  • Communicating and launching the strategy to your employees
  • Aligning job roles, job descriptions and giving ownership
  • Performance management (processes and skills)

Recommended timescales between programmes 1 to 3

Each of these programmes can be stand-alone (depending at which stage you are at in your strategic journey).

For those organisations that wish to develop the whole journey, we recommend that there should be a minimum four-week break between programme 1 (Development) and programme 2 (Implementation), to ensure that everything is in place before the strategy is fully launched. Once implementation has commenced, we suggest that programme 3 (Maintaining) should take place around 6 to 8 weeks later, as this will give your organisation time to have started the process and to identify any challenges or weak areas, these will form part of the discussions during the final programme.

Programme 4: Strategic Commercial Awareness for What is a HR Business Partners

Another key area we have been asked to develop, is that of the HR Business Partner role in strategy, in terms of expanding their Commercial Awareness.

HRBPs are a critical member of the strategic journey team, as they have responsibility for ensuring that employees are fully prepared for any new or existing strategy, identifying and delivering new skills, planning staff reserve, talent development, performance management, and any future recruitment requirements. However, to do all this effectively, a thorough understanding of the commercial thinking behind the strategy is critical.

Programme four has been developed to furnish HRBPs with that knowledge, by showing how strategy is designed around customer needs, competitive analysis and resource management (not people), whilst demonstrating how each commercial decision links to their strategic responsibilities.

This programme can be delivered to HRBPs at any point, as a stand-alone offering.


Programme 1: The Strategic Development Journey with BSC (5 – days)

Programme 2: The Strategic Implementation Journey (4 – days)

Programme 3: The Strategic Maintenance Journey (3 – days)

Programme 4: The Strategic Commercial Awareness Journey for HRBPs (3 – days)