Strategic Planning Course

This is a One Day Strategic Planning Training Course

A strategic planning training course that explains the whole process and provides a practical approach to understanding strategy and strategic thinking.

Strategic planning is an essential business management skill: Is a creative and exciting process that takes you beyond the restrictions of current thinking and opens new possibilities for the future. On this course you can learn to create a vision for a business or organisation and translating that into a viable strategic plan.

This strategic planning course takes guides you through a simple strategic planning process from vision to implementing a plan. During the programme you will apply the process to an area in which you wish to think strategically.

We’re happy to offer follow on coaching, or to suggest other training programmes that can help you to or your organisation to develop further after the programme.

It is suitable for all those with strategic planning responsibilities or for those responsible for implementing a strategy handed down from above.

Strategic Planning Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending our strategic planning training course you will:

  1. Learn a simple strategic planning model
  2. Understand how to apply the model in a organisation
  3. Recognise and understand common strategic planning terminology
  4. Know how and why to set truly stretching goals
  5. Gain the knowledge to do creative problem-solving
  6. Learn how to motivate people to deliver the strategy
  7. Outline strategic plan using a template that works

 We use the following exercises and frameworks on our Leadership Strategic Planning Training Course:

  • Strategic Objectives
  • Getting SMART
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Making and aligning Strategic Plans
  • A Strategy Model
  • A Compelling Strategic Vision
  • The Mission
  • Supporting Values
  • Measuring Success
  • Fact Finding Frameworks – PESTO, SWOT, etc
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Planning Templates

We can deliver this programme in-house,  a one- or two-day course depending on group , budget and level of detail and exploration. To discuss or book an in-house course please contact us today.

Executive Coaching




Free 45 minute follow up coaching session for all participants

Free 45 minute follow up coaching session for all participants Built into our strategic planning workshops is a 45-minute coaching session that is designed a facility for you to consider applying your newfound knowledge. Working in a confidential and safe environment with one of our trained professional coaches and apply it back to your workplace. The extension of the one, two and five-day programmes. Your leaning comes alive by applying the techniques in the workshops to your specific business requirements.

NOTE: PRISM Profiling tool

We utilise the PRISM Brainmapping tool when designing, implementing and maintaining your BSC Prism Profiling(strategic plan). The tool has been developed using the fast paced advances in Neuroscience and has been designed to measure behaviours of individuals and teams in the
workplace in 22 different areas, allowing us to assess the probability of a person (or teams) delivering high performance in any given role.

By understanding your own and other colleagues preferred behaviours, and how individuals’ function under pressure, as well as identifying other areas of strengths and development, it simplifies the process of selecting individuals and teams for specific roles, initiative’s or projects around your strategy.

We can deliver this programme in-house, a one- or two-day course depending on the size of the

Philip Peters

Your Trainer – Philip Peters: Philips expertise has been gained from working at various management levels through to main board director. A key element of his approach is working in partnership with managers, leaders, and organisations to create a clear line of sight down, up and across organisations, installing (where applicable) measurable and achievable KPIs, therefore ensuring all employees are linked to its overall strategic goals, objectives and culture.

Over the years Philip has gained an in-depth understanding of an extensive and diverse range of market sectors from SMEs through to major corporations in both the private and public arenas, across different cultures and economic environments, including the past 9 years working in partnership with organisations from the Former Soviet Union, in Russia, Ukraine,
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

County Hall London

Time:09.30 – 17.00

Price:£470 (Early bird £375)

Location – Our County Hall London venue is as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside.  Situated on London’s Southbank it is in a great location with breathtaking views over The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye.