The Strategic Planning Journey (with BSC) (Stage 1) 

5-Day Back-to-Back Programme

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that is changing really quickly, the
only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking calculated risks”.
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO and Founder)

How this programme currently fits  : 

1. Strategic Planning (utilising BSC) 5-days

2. Implementing the Strategy 4-days

3. Maintaining the Strategy – Use-3-days

4. Plus – Commercial Awareness for HRBPs 

Programme Background

Most organisations (both in the private and public sectors) focus primarily on their financial performance (past and future) be that in terms of profit, or how they manage their budgets, which of course is a vital part of any strategy.

However, very few consider other key elements which are critical to achieving their strategic goals, for example;

How do we define our brand, culture and core values? what do our external customers require in this fast-moving/changing global market?

What do our internal customers (employees and other key stakeholders) want, need and expect?

Can our existing internal resources deliver our planned future strategy and how will we meet our Corporate and Social Responsibilities?

It is these areas and others, that this programme focuses on. Each of these elements are a crucial part of any organisations strategic journey, and form part of any balanced scorecard.

By the end of the Strategic Planning Journey with BSC programme, each delegate/organisation will have the key building blocks of a strategic plan in place.

Strategy Plan

By the end of the Strategic Planning Journey with BSC programme, each delegate/organisation will have the key building blocks of a strategic plan in place.

  • Why the need for a balanced scorecard?
  • Basic concepts of the balanced scorecard (BSC) and how it can be used to improve organisational performance, transparency and reduce corporate risk
  • The five pillars of a BSC and the benefits of each
  • How the balanced scorecard applies to different types of organisations (profit or not for profit)
  • The importance of creating a Clear Line Of Sight Established (CLOSE=R) throughout the organisation
  • How to build and implement a balanced scorecard using the six-step methodology
  • How to develop meaningful, linked performance measures and targets
  • How a scorecard system can drive a performance-informed budget and accountability
  • How to cascade the scorecard to all levels of an organisation
  • How to revise poorly designed scorecard elements
  • How to overcome obstacles and real-world challenges
  • Case Study: Problems at the Palace developing their BSC

Who is  Strategic Development Journey with BSC for:

For organisations which are considering implementing a new strategy and have little or no understanding of the process of developing the balanced scorecard, or for those who wish to re-analysis or pressure test their strategy.

Delegate profiles

This course is recommended for executives, managers, planners and analysts who are part of a strategic development team and are seeking the best practical ideas for ensuring their organisations future success.

NOTE: This programme can be run as an open programme for mixed organisations or can be delivered as an in-house programme for a single organisation.

The Benefits of Attending this Interactive Programme

The The Strategic Development Journey with BSC answers the challenge of ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’. Over these five days, the delegates will have the opportunity to step out of their organisations day-to-day functional processes and have the luxury of focusing on their future prosperity and success.

By the end of the programme each person will have a broad strategic plan to take back to fine-tune with other members of their strategic teams.

We can deliver this programme in-house, a one- or two-day course depending on the size of the

To book an in-house course please contact us today.

Executive Coaching


Free 45 minute follow up coaching session for all participants

Free 45 minute follow up coaching session for all participants Built into our strategic planning workshops is a 45-minute coaching session that is designed a facility for you to consider applying your newfound knowledge. Working in a confidential and safe environment with one of our trained professional coaches and apply it back to your workplace. The extension of the one, two and five-day programmes. Your leaning comes alive by applying the techniques in the workshops to your specific business requirements.

Philip Peters

Your Trainer – Philip Peters: Philips expertise has been gained from working at various management levels through to main board director. A key element of his approach is working in partnership with managers, leaders, and organisations to create a clear line of sight down, up and across organisations, installing (where applicable) measurable and achievable KPIs, therefore ensuring all employees are linked to its overall strategic goals, objectives and culture.

Over the years Philip has gained an in-depth understanding of an extensive and diverse range of market sectors from SMEs through to major corporations in both the private and public arenas, across different cultures and economic environments, including the past 9 years working in partnership with organisations from the Former Soviet Union, in Russia, Ukraine,
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

County Hall London

Time:09.30 – 17.00

Price:£470 (Early bird £375)

Location – Our County Hall London venue is as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside.  Situated on London’s Southbank it is in a great location with breathtaking views over The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye.

NOTE: PRISM Profiling tool

We utilise the PRISM Brainmapping tool when designing, implementing and maintaining your BSC Prism Profiling(strategic plan). The tool has been developed using the fast paced advances in Neuroscience and has been designed to measure behaviours of individuals and teams in the
workplace in 22 different areas, allowing us to assess the probability of a person (or teams) delivering high performance in any given role.

By understanding your own and other colleagues preferred behaviours, and how individuals’ function under pressure, as well as identifying other areas of strengths and development, it simplifies the process of selecting individuals and teams for specific roles, initiative’s or projects around your strategy.

We can deliver this programme in-house, a one- or two-day course depending on the size of the