Understanding Corporate Governance. Best practice and its Implementation

Duration: 3-days

Background to this programme

Corporate Governance (CG) is the cornerstone of all businesses, as it helps define an organisations financial behaviour as well as its senior people’s decision-making processes and accountability, it makes clear the responsibilities of the supervisory team, its investment viability and its transparency to all other stake/shareholders.

CG has developed over the years and is now blended into an organisations’ Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives for example environmental political and social impact, so the areas of governance have been expanded, and can/do change in different parts of the world.
Understanding the fundamentals of CG alone is not enough, implementing it as an important part of your strategy and ensuring that it forms part of a cohesive leadership teams’ approach, is an important factor.

Finally, as a senior executive programmes or aspiring board member understanding the importance of governance and how to live it daily is a critical part of your responsibilities.
This programme addresses all the elements above.

Who is it designed for:

Senior executives who currently have responsibility for CG, or for those who are moving into senior/board roles. This may be individuals who are working day-to-day in the organisation or sit outside the organisation in a supervisory capacity.

Benefits and outcomes

On completion of this programme the delegates will come away with a better understanding of the importance of CG and how it can be successfully implemented.

The delegates will research some recent case studies of organisations that have failed and those that have succeeded with strong governance.

Programme Content

Content day 1:

 What is CG and how it has evolved over the decades?
 The four pillars of CG
 The connection between the CEO and the organisations owners
 Gaining insight from employees and customers V shareholders
 Stakeholder confidence how is it developed?
 Identify what makes best practice boards/governance
 Case studies of organisations with strong governance
 The responsibilities and deliverables around CG
 Drive for positive board culture and cohesion (team dynamics)
 Board leadership styles

Content day 2:

 What are the potential negative outcomes of not applying CG
 Case study of two failed organisations, which demonstrates the vulnerability when corporate governance is not strictly observed
 How stake/shareholders review CG and make decisions based upon the metrics
 Succession planning and risk mitigation

Content day 3:

 Internal and external analysis of your organisation
 The CLOSER model
 Are the right resources available to implement your strategy?
 How CSR is now a critical part of governance
 How seriously do you take you CSR responsibility?
 Case studies of organisations that see CSR as a way of defining their brand
 Review of key elements
 Action plan and close


Philip Peters

Your Trainer – Philip Peters: Philips expertise has been gained from working at various management levels through to main board director. A key element of his approach is working in partnership with managers, leaders, and organisations to create a clear line of sight down, up and across organisations, installing (where applicable) measurable and achievable KPIs, therefore ensuring all employees are linked to its overall strategic goals, objectives and culture.

Over the years Philip has gained an in-depth understanding of an extensive and diverse range of market sectors from SMEs through to major corporations in both the private and public arenas, across different cultures and economic environments, including the past 9 years working in partnership with organisations from the Former Soviet Union, in Russia, Ukraine,
Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

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